Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Graphic T-Shirt


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DOTA 2 Crystal Maiden Tee—an icy enchantment for those who revel in the frosty embrace of Rylai. This unisex tee goes beyond mere fabric; it’s a tribute to the beauty and chill that Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, brings to the battleground.

Adorned with a striking graphic of Rylai, this tee is a declaration of your allegiance to the mistress of frost. If you’re an ardent Crystal Maiden player and enthusiast, this tee is your emblem of love and support.

Hailing from a temperate realm but finding solace in the frigid expanse of Icewrack, Rylai’s natural affinity for ice turned landscapes into frozen wonders. Orchards became icy labyrinths, and rivers succumbed to her frosty touch. Now, as a maestro of the Frozen Arts, she stands peerless, and this tee captures the essence of her glacial mastery.

This isn’t just a tee; it’s a sartorial saga of Crystal Maiden’s journey from temperate lands to the frozen realms of Icewrack. So, don this tee with pride and announce to the world that you stand with Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, in her icy reign.

O-neck design, Short sleeve for summer.

Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

Style: Fashion, Casual, Sports, Outdoor, E-sports event etc

Size For Reference:
Size Bust(cm) Shoulder (cm) Body Length (cm)
S 88 41 64
M 94 43 68
L 100 46 69
XL 106 49 73
XXL 112 52 75
XXXL 118 54 77
XXXXL 120 56 79