Dota 2 Ember Spirit Graphic T-Shirt


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DOTA 2 Ember Spirit Tee—a tribute to the enduring legacy of Xin, the warrior-poet lost within the Wailing Mountains. This unisex tee isn’t just a shirt; it’s a symbol of resilience and the flames of knowledge that refuse to be extinguished.

Printed with the graphic of Ember Spirit, the image of Xin wreathed in flame, this tee embodies the spirit of a warrior-poet whose teachings have spanned generations. Whether you’re a professional Ember Spirit player or simply appreciate the wisdom of the Bonds of the Guardian Flame, wear this shirt to showcase your love and support.

Lost in the Fortress of Flares, Xin’s teachings endured, passed down through the whispers of time. The pyre ash, reignited by the Burning Celestial, brought forth an image of Xin, ready to train, teach, and spread the fires of knowledge. This tee captures that moment—a fusion of the ancient legacy and the eternal flame.

In classic black style, it’s not just a summer fashion statement; it’s a piece of the Wailing Mountains’ history that you can wear. So, if you’re ready to carry the flames of Xin’s teachings, wear this Ember Spirit Tee and let the spirit of the warrior-poet guide you.

O-neck design, Short sleeve for summer.

Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

Style: Fashion, Casual, Sports, Outdoor, E-sports event etc

Size For Reference:
Size Bust(cm) Shoulder (cm) Body Length (cm)
S 88 41 64
M 94 43 68
L 100 46 69
XL 106 49 73
XXL 112 52 75
XXXL 118 54 77
XXXXL 120 56 79